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fema valves

Controls Supply Chain also supplies products and components of Fema (Honeywell). This brand has an extensive experience in the development and manufacture of safety valves. Over the years this brand has become an example for other parties. Fema designs and builds specialized safety valves for various industries like chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, cryogenic and food. The product range of Fema includes safety valves, switches, control valves, ball valves, pressure switches, differential pressure switches, pressure transmitters and ball valves and all have the necessary certificates according to PED – Pressure Equipment Directive, the Gas Appliance Directive and the Explosion Directive. Fema provides solutions for your safety.

In water tanks pressure transmitters are often used to display the degree of filling and overflow prevention. Pressure switches and differential pressure switches are often used against dry running and pump control.

The products of Fema can be used in many applications such as monitoring of flammable liquids and gases, as well as steam and hot water. Sensors and pressure switches play an important role in the management of plant and machinery. With products of Fema pressure it is possible to safely monitor and control. Clients appreciate the competence of this brand and the reliability.

Besides products for steam generators, heating, biogas units, pumping stations, water stations, ventilation and air conditioning, transportation, manufacturing facilities, machine construction, welding and painting systems and hazardous applications FEMA delivers also products for water purification, cleaning systems, chip factories, greenhouses, turbine test benches and printing machines. If you need FEMA products, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales department at